building relationships by breaking rules.

We work with startups audacious enough to disrupt their industries and usher in the future of innovation, and we accept no less.

At the vanguard of eCommerce, one idea at a time. We focus on proven startups with disruptive solutions.

  • Upshelf
    Digital analytics dashboard that uncovers eCommerce blindspots and unlocks CPG growth using AI and innovative product matching technology.
  • Advellence
    A sustainable digitization firm for companies of all sizes and industries, providing advisory and implementation support for their digitization initiatives.
  • Sharedien
    Content hub for multi-channel marketing. Design content intelligently, automate and optimize content, and maximize efficiency.
  • Y1
    Award-winning digital commerce agency with over 20 years of experience in branding, eCommerce strategy, and digital marketing.
  • Sailogy
    An online yacht charter and boat rental company that sails to and from Croatia, Greece, Italy, and the British Virgin Islands.
  • Valinor
    A luxury yachting company that offers a novel concept—a mega-yacht level cruise experience in a more intimate setting and a more compact package.
  • Prodport
    Next-generation product experience engine. Tell an authentic, contextual story on the most important destinations in eCommerce: product pages.
  • Contentserv
    Product information management in the cloud. Manage content in a single place to build powerful product stories that sell.
  • Appoco
    Telehealth platform for pharmaceutical guidance. Get paired with a pharmacist for ongoing personalized consultation.
  • Moteco Electric
    Electric Motorbikes and E-Bikes for Mallorca. Improving whole eBusiness Process and Lead generation.
  • Four Seasons Yachting
    Experience-centric yachting services. Charter a world-class yacht for an unforgettable, guided adventure unlike any other.
  • Long Live
    Helps to detect, prevent, and manage chronic diseases incl. a Coaching App incl. watch.


  • 240_F_305926473_dKuaYSv16GFbKoTcqU5yiJtQoXfcHMAk 1
    Amazon and marketplaces
    The ship has sailed for marketplaces. They're transactional, focused on data and low on experience. New growth will be with D2C, DNVB, and brand manufacturers.
  • 240_F_267771292_tdC1Tr2ydSeFbfaqwzpryija8I3ZhMzQ 1
    Crypto still has reputation of gamblers and money laundering. But it’s the new and hassle-free way to fuel digital transactions at scale. Crypto will matter more and more for eCommerce.
  • 240_F_472310907_NFMgBqrc45u5OfRisVn6VGbVGk14kTJ7 1
    NFTs offer a unique opportunity for new business. There's already a big market for artwork, gifts, and digital twins. NFTs enable you to prepare, securely store, and use your real life product over time.
  • 240_F_206662634_16JnrFAXoGVlBok3CEMX3oJdM7aqg5LX 1
    Blockchain certifies the trusted origin of products, authenticity of content, and trustworthiness of partners. In our current age of propaganda and uncertainty, blockchain restores trust.
  • Mask group
    The only way to deliver authentic, personalized, and context-optimized experiences at scale is through realtime. Part of a composable MACH architecture with 3R (realtime, relevant, rich API).
  • 240_F_234707797_AIUCf02v6nSmO6nnJaxmDUA6GPg133N4 1
    Product Experience
    Products aren't about data but relevant product stories. The future is rich, authentic content that's personalized, contextual, and highlights specific and unique use cases.
  • Testimonia- Pascal- Appocol 2
    "Pharmaceutical consultation is a unique service that most customers aren’t familiar with (yet). With Exuberance, we've been able to define our target market and take our startup to the next level."
  • david_benoliel
    "Exuberance has been with Ainfluencer every step of the way. We wouldn't be where we are now without the Exuberance team."

The age of monolithic applications is over. At Exuberance, we’re looking for the next generation of eCommerce disruption.

What we’re looking for.
We invest in early-stage, pre-seed startups with valuations under $5 million USD. We look for qualified teams with a track record of success, or teams with a proven product.
What Exuberance offers.
We believe in founders, and we’ll guide you to focus on what matters most. We’ll help you grow with a solid go-to-market strategy and the alliances to take you to the next level.

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We believe in founder vision.
You’re already on your race to success—we’re just here to help you get there.