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Web3 is redefining commerce. With an evolution of variety and choice, business as usual will never lead to unusual results. We believe the future belongs to the next generation of empowered customers. We’re here to help you get there.

eCommerce businesses may have owned the past. Empowered customers own the future.


Retail is still adjusting to the online revolution of two decades ago. And that's made it oblivious to the revolution happening now—something bigger than the Internet ever was. With Web3, it’s the customers, not companies, who benefit.

We help eCommerce brands prepare for the arrival of innovation.

At the vanguard of eCommerce, one idea at a time. We focus on proven startups with disruptive solutions.

  • Upshelf
    Digital analytics dashboard that uncovers eCommerce blindspots and unlocks CPG growth using AI and innovative product matching technology.
  • Advellence
    A sustainable digitization firm for companies of all sizes and industries, providing advisory and implementation support for their digitization initiatives.
  • Sharedien
    Content hub for multi-channel marketing. Design content intelligently, automate and optimize content, and maximize efficiency.
  • Y1
    Award-winning digital commerce agency with over 20 years of experience in branding, eCommerce strategy, and digital marketing.
  • Sailogy
    An online yacht charter and boat rental company that sails to and from Croatia, Greece, Italy, and the British Virgin Islands.
  • Valinor
    A luxury yachting company that offers a novel concept—a mega-yacht level cruise experience in a more intimate setting and a more compact package.
  • Prodport
    The next generation product experience engine for telling an authentic, contextual story on the most important page in e-commerce.
  • Contentserv
    Leader in Product Information Management providing the new gold standard in e-commerce: Product Content.
  • Appoco
    Telehealth application leveraging the expertise and passion of pharmacists for advice and solutions that require long term guidance.
  • Moteco Electric
    Electric Motorbikes and E-Bikes for Mallorca. Improving whole eBusiness Process and Lead generation.
  • Four Seasons Yachting
    High quality, experience centric yachting services for adventurers and sailors.
  • Long Live
    Helps to detect, prevent, and manage chronic diseases incl. a Coaching App incl. watch.
  • Testimonia- Pascal- Appocol 2
    "Pharmaceutical consultation is a unique service that most customers aren’t familiar with (yet). With Exuberance, we've been able to define our target market and take our startup to the next level."
  • david_benoliel
    "Exuberance has been with Ainfluencer every step of the way. We wouldn't be where we are now without the Exuberance team."


Exuberance is more than venture capital. Our vertical integrations mean we can develop your business across every growth axis.

Exuberance Capital
Game-changing companies need high-value add investments to reach their potential. Funding growth through connections, expertise, and consultation that drives business forward.
Exuberance Agency
Your startup begins with a product, but success doesn’t end there. Fill in gaps with experts to tell a clear, impactful story and deliver go-to-market strategies to build a powerful brand.
Exuberance Alliance
Exponential growth builds on the relationships you develop and the leaders you know. The only way to reach the next level is through deep work focus with a likeminded network.


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    Amazon and marketplaces
    The ship has sailed. It’s transactional, about data and low on experience. New growth will be D2C, DNVN and brand manufacturers
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    Still reputation to be for gamblers and money laundering. But it’s the new and hassle free way to fuel digital transactions at scale.
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    Still reputation around overpriced items in online games. A unique opportunity to do new business. Buy an NFT right now, and have your real life product prepared (custom products), securely stored (art & luxury investments), ready to use (time sharing) over time.
  • 240_F_206662634_16JnrFAXoGVlBok3CEMX3oJdM7aqg5LX 1
    Blockchain certifies the trusted origin of products, authenticity of content, and trustworthiness of partners. In our current age of propaganda and uncertainty, blockchain restores trust.
  • Mask group
    The only way to deliver authentic, personalized, and context-optimized experiences at scale is through realtime. Part of a composable MACH architecture with 3R (realtime, relevant, rich API).
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    Product Experience
    Products aren't about data but relevant product stories. The future is rich, authentic content that's personalized, contextual, and highlights specific and unique use cases.
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    Information Supply Chain
    The ISC is one of the most complex challenges to solve. We need to certify content is authentic, trustworthy, and certified—while integrated unique forms of engagement like UGC.
  • 240_F_234092554_wF3dTfJtJHS8AIkJ8ouIdLiDHgL3iodU 1
    Composable MACH Architecture
    High-end architecture has long been a luxury for enterprise customers. But with the current complexity, a product-led customer experience it is not a option, it’s a must.

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